Bus Accident Lawyer

Bus Accident Lawyer
Bus Accident Lawyer

Many people around the world rely on buses to get around. While buses are one of the safest ways to get around, bus accidents do happen and you may need a bus accident lawyer. Also, there are many different kinds of buses such as school buses that are used every day.

In 2015, there were over 32.000 fatal vehicle accidents in the US and 250 of these involved a bus. There were 14.000 bus crashes in 2015 that caused an injury. While some laws regarding transportation and personal vehicles may apply to buses, there is a specific set of laws that apply to public transportation. 

These are called common carrier laws and apply to any company that offers transportation services for a fee. Bus accidents can cause serious burns, friction, death, broken bones, and even a coma. The majority of bus accidents are caused by careless or negligent behaviour on the part of the bus driver, bus company or owner, another driver or pedestrian.

What To Expect After A Bus Accident

Recovering from pain and suffering and economic loss in the past present and future is almost impossible in these cases because there are such large insurance companies that will fight you tooth and nail. There may also be multiple defendants such as in a tour bus accident. 

For example, a Las Vegas casino may be subsidizing the tour bus operator to bring gamblers to their casino as such under the doctrines of responding out superior. The casino may also have liability. If you do not sue people you may be leaving a lot of money on the table for your serious injuries. You can save your case and not leave money damages on the table if you contact a bus accident lawyer.

When Do You Need A Bus Accident Lawyer

Transportation companies usually try to offer people that are injured in a crash to quickly close cases. While it may be tempting to accept a settlement, you should have a bus accident lawyer examine it first. 

You do not need a lawyer who will do divorce, and do your will, closing on your real estate, and then also an accident case. That is not someone who only does accident cases. You want the person who day in and day out does only bus accident cases. That is the best attorney for you.

You need a bus accident lawyer who is going to know exactly what forms have to be filled, how to push your case as quickly as possible and as hard as possible to make you the maximum amount of benefits as soon as you can. You need to research and look to find that attorney and be comfortable with that attorney.

Determining Fault In A Bus Crash 

Responsibility for a bus accident could fall on one or many parties ranging from the bus driver themselves to the company or organization that employs them. 

  • What To Do After A Bus Accident
  • Get medical care as soon as possible
  • Gather any documentation you can
  • Collect any witness accounts

If you have been seriously injured in a bus crash, reach out to the nearest bus accident lawyer. They will help you file a personal injury claim if you are eligible since bus injury claims differ in many aspects from car crash claims or car accidents. 

A bus accident lawyer will talk to you about your claim, do an evaluation, and if it is legitimate, a bus accident lawyer will sit down and develop a plan specifically for you on how to get you compensation for your damages and injuries. Contact us here to get more help!

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