Exceptional Catastrophic Injury Attorney: Pursue Maximum Compensation

Catastrophic Injury Attorney
Catastrophic Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one is involved in a catastrophic injury, you should seek legal aid immediately. The time you are allowed to seek your just compensation with a catastrophic injury attorney may be running out. The normal time limit for filing a lawsuit is two years from the date of your injury. A catastrophic injury attorney helps you navigate the legal system with minimal stress. 

With the assistance of a catastrophic injury attorney, you can move on with your life as seamlessly and productively as possible. You can also find a firm who have relationships with physical therapists, neurologists, chiropractors, and physicians in every field who will help treat your injury with professionalism and courtesy to minimize the stress and frustration of your injury by guiding you through the legal process.

How Does A Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit Work

The very first step after a lawsuit is called pre-litigation or pre-lit or also known as investigation. So, firms usually get a call from a potential client and they tell them what happened. 

For example, ‘I was rear-ended by a truck.’ and firms get all the details about how the incident happened, where they are feeling pain, maybe they already have a diagnosis of injury from a doctor or maybe they just have symptoms which are feelings of pain in their neck and their back somewhere else and then they will go to see a doctor and get treatment. 

So, a catastrophic injury attorney does a lot of the investigatory work at this stage, and that includes going to the scene and taking a look at what might have caused the incident for a trip and fall. They will get a context about how to be able to explain everything about the scene.

What Does A Catastrophic Injury Attorney Do

A catastrophic injury attorney will do a full interview with the injured individual, so he/she will understand how they are feeling, and how it is affected them, and see if they have lost wages if they are missing time from work and he/she usually fill out a client questionnaire which is like an intake and that will have a lot of questions and answers. 

Then, the other thing a catastrophic injury attorney does is, he/she has to send an initial letter of representation to all the parties involved. For example, in an auto accident, an attorney will send it to the insurance companies for the cars involved. 

If it is a trip and fall, and the building owner is at fault, an attorney will send it to that and tell them to send it to their insurance company. So, usually, a catastrophic injury attorney tries to find insurance, because insurance is going to be that pocket, and that is going to pay for the ultimate compensation. 

What Client Needs To Do During The Investigate Stage

The client has to get their medical care, they have to go to the right doctors, and make sure that they go and get the proper diagnostic testing because once an attorney has that medical record with the diagnostic testing, an attorney can send it to the bodily injury adjuster and then begin to negotiate the case to try to get a settlement. 

If it is a small case, it could be settled without a medical record but if it is a larger catastrophic injury attorney definitely needs that medical record. So that, an attorney can file a lawsuit and do the best for you. If you could not find the answer that you want, you can contact us.

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