Trusted Lyft Accident Attorney: Protect Your Rights and Interests

Lyft Accident Attorney
Lyft Accident Attorney

Ridesharing is a booming industry, and Lyft carries thousands of people over the roads daily, but many of us still do not know what to do if we are in an accident that involves one of the rideshare companies. If you have been involved in a Lyft accident, and are interested in hiring a Lyft accident attorney, it is best to move fast. Lyft attorneys focus on getting you what you need after being wrongfully injured. 

Lyft Accident Attorney

Lyft accident attorney will allow your lawyer to send preservation-of-evidence letters to ensure that Lyft or the driver preserves the electronic data about the ride. Or, if the rideshare company allows the data to be deleted after receiving their preservation-of-evidence letter, the judge and jury may wonder why they deleted the evidence – and the conclusions they reach will not be good for the company that deleted the evidence.

Lyft Accident Insurance

The insurance picture for Lyft is different than for most car accidents. If the rideshare driver is ‘’under dispatch’’ at the time of the collision, meaning that he has a passenger or is on his way to pick one up, Lyft offers $1 million in liability insurance and  $1 million in UM insurance. If the Lyft driver is logged into the app but is not under dispatch, the rideshare company usually provides an additional $100.000 in liability insurance.

What Happens If you Get Into an Accident in a Lyft

This means either the driver caused an accident or the other person who is driving smashes your car, so what should you do? Obviously, as a passenger, sitting in the back seat, it is not their fault. At the scene, if you need medical attention, do not call the adjuster and tell them everything. First, you need to hire a good Lyft accident lawyer. 

A good Lyft accident attorney will reach out to the insurance and make statements on your behalf. You also need to get medical treatment, even if you think you are not injured, because the opposite side will use this kind of stuff against you.

How to Find a Good Lyft Accident Attorney

After having learned everything, now you may need to find a good Lyft accident attorney. When searching for a good Lyft accident attorney, what sort of qualities should you look for? Having the right Lyft accident attorney can signify the dissimilarity between a successful compensation for your injuries or ending up with nothing after a personal injury. 

You have to find the right Lyft accident attorney to get the job done. Here are a few tips about how to choose the right accident attorney.

Know What Field the Attorney Specialized In

Not all Lyft attorneys are equal, or in this case, equally experienced. A few are skilled in Lyft accident cases, other Lyft attorneys specialize in assault injuries. While others specialize in handling on-the-job accidents. Selecting a Lyft accident attorney who is quite familiar with your kind of Lyft accident will help very much in the success of your case. 

Review the Attorney’s History

Another powerful indicator of an attorney’s competence is his history of handling cases. This does not mean, that you should rely on the win-loss ratio of a lawyer alone. 

Read the Terms and Conditions 

Signing up a Lyft attorney to handle your case has a certain environment attached. You may find yourself in some serious financial and legal trouble; if you fail to meet the requirements indicated in the contract, but you will also get a clear idea of how things will go in the court proceedings.

Negotiate the Costs

Just because a Lyft accident attorney gives out a price to you does not mean you cannot work out a lower fee. Try not to do this in a very immovable and aggressive way, though. Since you need to maintain an amicable working relationship with your lawyer for him to work hard to win you compensation. If you have any questions related to the Lyft accident attorney, contact us.

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